This page collects together various works in progress, special projects, and related LitLong: Edinburgh activities. More details coming soon..

Robert Louis Stevenson Visualiser

To mark Robert Louise Stevenson Day (#RLSDay) 2015 we are delighted to launch the Robert Louis Stevenson Visualiser, which – like our Walter Scott Location Visualiser – allows you to explore Stevenson’s work through the locations he featured and mentioned. This version of our visualiser is definitely a work in progress so we would love your feedback!

RLS edition of LitLong: Edinburgh

Walter Scott Location Visualiser

For August 2015 we created a new addition to LitLong: Edinburgh, a very special Walter Scott Location Visualiser, which enables you to explore the locations mentioned across Scott’s work. We would like to acknowledge our thanks to the General Editors of the Edinburgh edition of the Waverley novels, and to Edinburgh University Press, for their generous assistance with this special edition of LitLong: Edinburgh. You can access the Walter Scott Visualiser by clicking the preview image (below), or here.

Image of the Walter Scott Visualiser

A preview of the special Walter Scott edition of LitLong: Edinburgh.