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The LitLong:Edinburgh mobile app allows you to use your iOS device to explore Edinburgh’s literary past, and it is free! Download a copy to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and do let us know what you think – rate or review us on the App Store or contact the team directly.

Available on the App Store

Discover how your location has been represented in literature.

The app shows you text extracts of books that mention place-names in Edinburgh. These extracts are shown with the title, author and year of the book; and can be found either by finding books that are nearest to your current location or by browsing the map and selecting pins to see how far that place is from you and what texts are mentioned there.

Instructions on how to access the app:

  • Download the app (coming soon)
  • Launch the app (tap on the icon on your iPhone or iPad)
  • Enjoy the app!

Simple use instructions:

  • Tap either map pins or “Current Location” to start.
  • If you tapped on a pin the name of the place is shown and the number of extracts at that location. To look at extracts from that place select the info (i) button.
  • After the info button is pressed the distance from you to that location is shown in a popup box.
  • If you tapped the “Current Location” button the map will zoom to your current location and text extracts from the nearest mentioned place will be shown.
  • The place name will appear at the top of the screen, and the title, author, year and extract will appear near the top of the screen for that location. You can jump to other extracts for that location using the next extract icons.
  • To bring the map back to the centre of Edinburgh press the “Edinburgh centre” button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Other information and a full screen map view can be found using the menu (which can be accessed either by swiping from the left of the screen or via the menu button).