Navigating with LitLong

Rothimay image of Edinburgh courtesy of The National Library of Scotland

There are four different tools through which you can explore the Lit Long data. For an overview of each and instructions for use, please select from the list below. To go directly to the tool, you can use the links above.

Location visualiser:

Navigate books mentioning places in Edinburgh using the Location Visualiser.
Zooming in to the map will filter books down to the visible locations.
The blue circles show clusters of location mentions; the quills (if you zoom in further) show individual text snippets that mention the corresponding place.
Hovering over a cluster of location mentions will give you an overview of the place names it includes and the keywords that are mentioned in relation to these places.
Clicking on the blue book icon in the book view will show you snippets of place names that are mentioned in a particular book.
You can use the search menus at the top right to look for keywords, locations, and authors of interest. You can also browse the books in the list view to the right which shows all the books that match the current filter criteria that you have set by navigating the map or by the terms that you have specified in the search menus.
*Please note, the location visualiser has been developed for most effective use in the Chrome browser.

Sentiment visualiser:

This interactive web application visualises the sentiment analysis scores of geo-located literature snippets. The sentiment visualiser is coming soon…

Mobile app:

representation of the app as it is on a mobileGo to our Download our mobile app page to find out about our iOS app, which is coming soon and will enable you to find out what books are mentioned near you…
The app shows you text extracts of books that mention place-names in Edinburgh.
These extracts are shown with the title, author and year of the book; and can be found either by finding books that are nearest to your current location or by browsing the map and selecting pins to see how far that place is from you and what texts are mentioned there.


Select here to explore the complete LitLong database.
LitLong’s parent project, Palimpsest, also has a GitHub presence where you can access any relevant open source code and data resources associated with the project: