Writing Edinburgh Competition 2015:

winner of the writing competitionAs part of this project, we held a writing competition called ‘Writing Edinburgh.’ The competition asked authors for a short prose piece responding to Edinburgh’s rich literary history or to its geography and urban development, taking either a map or a text as a starting point.

The Winner

The winning entry was a piece called ‘Candlemaker Row’ by Jane Alexander, a response to Kate McLean’s 2011 ‘Smellmap: Edinburgh.’

You can read the full work here, and see it represented on our interactive map.

The Shortlist

The competition shortlist also featured the following works:

‘Redrawing the Lines’ by Keith Dumble – a response to an historic map: Edenburgum, Scotiae Metropolis, 1583
‘Valhalla’ by Ricky Brown – a response to ‘Edinburgh Street Tramways – Routes proposed to be cabled,’ J. Bartholomew & co., 1895
‘Bonny Fie Dee Travellers’ by Sandy Thomson – a response to an historic map: Edinburgh Citizens ‘No License’ council. The Heart of Edinburgh, available from the National Library of Scotland.
‘A Man’s a Man for a’ That’ by D.R.D. Bruton – a response to Robert Burns’s poem of the same title and a map of Lothian Road to the Meadows.