‘Lit Long: Edinburgh’ is the visual, interactive output of the Palimpsest project, a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh’s School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures; the School of Informatics; the University of St Andrews’ SACHI research group; and EDINA. The team includes literary scholars, computer scientists specialising in textmining, and information visualisation scholars.

Principal Investigator

James Loxleyjames loxley is Professor of Early Modern Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and Principal Investigator on the Palimpsest project. He has published widely on seventeenth century writing, in particular, and has been involved in a number of projects bringing digital methods to bear on literary study.


Jon OberlanderJon Oberlander is Professor of Epistemics at the University of Edinburgh, and a Co-Investigator on the Palimpsest project. He works on getting computers to talk (or write) like individual people, so his research focusses on individual differences in communication – face to face or online. He has long standing interests in the uses of technology in cultural heritage and creative industries.

James ReidJames Reid is a project manager and Team Leader at EDINA, University of Edinburgh, with a successful track record of undertaking innovative geospatial projects. He has over twenty years’ experience in the geographic information technology industry, serving in both public sector and tertiary education sectors and currently represents academic interests on a number of national and international geospatial bodies and fora.

Professor Aaron QuigleyProfessor Aaron Quigley is the Chair of Human Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His research interests include surface and multi-display computing, human computer interaction, pervasive and ubiquitous computing and information visualisation.

Research and Development Team

Dr Beatrice Alex Dr Beatrice Alex is a Research Fellow at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. She develops text mining methods for different types of textual data, namely literary and historical texts or clinical records. In Palimpsest her focus was on document retrieval and location-based ranking of text, fine-grained geo-referencing of text and determining snippet interestingness.

Dr Miranda AndersonDr Miranda Anderson was the initiator of and a Research Fellow on the Palimpsest Project. She also initiated and is now a Research Fellow on the AHRC-funded project, A History of Distributed Cognition, which is collaboratively exploring notions that the mind is constituted by the brain, the body and world, from classical antiquity to the twenty first century.

Ian FieldhouseIan Fieldhouse, EDINA, UK is a Software Engineer working on geospatial services and projects. Ian is working on the development and implementation of the database for ‘LitLong: Edinburgh’ and exposing this to the web via an API and search interface. Ian’s experience includes work on the GoGeo, ScotSDI, UNLOCK, Jorum services and the Trading Consequences and Addressing History projects. His programming expertise includes Java, Python, Objective-C and PHP.

Dr Claire GroverDr Claire Grover  is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. She has a background in computational linguistics and has been working on text mining in recent years. She is one of the developers of the Edinburgh Geoparser, which uses text mining to identify place names in text and to link them to coordinates so that they can be mapped.

David Harris-BirtillDr David Harris-Birtill, LitLong’s mobile app developer, is a Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews, where he lectures on topics including Medical Imaging and Research Methods for User Experience. He is a Physicist and Computer Scientist, leading the SICSA (Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance) theme on Medical Imaging and Sensing in Computing, and collaborates with clinicians and industry to develop innovative medical imaging systems.

Dr Uta HinrichsDr Uta Hinrichs is a Research Fellow at the St Andrews Human Computer Interaction Group (SACHI). Her research focuses on the design and study of information visualization as a means to engage public and academic audiences with cultural collections. As part of the Palimpsest project, Uta worked on the concept, design and implementation of the web visualization interface.

Nicola OsborneNicola Osborne is the Jisc MediaHub Service Manager / Digital Education Manager at EDINA, University of Edinburgh. Nicola’s interests are around social media, new technologies and digital education. She is currently working on the University of Edinburgh ‘Managing Your Digital Footprint’ research project, sits on the Journal of Open Research Software Editorial Board, and is a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh ‘Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation in Scotland Inquiry’ (final report published 2014).

team-Lisa-Otty@x2Dr Lisa Otty is a Research Fellow on the Palimpsest project, in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently at EDINA, contributing to EDINA’s Bibliographic and Scholarly Communication projects, including Keepers Extra and County Surveys. Lisa’s research engages with a number of different fields, including art history, material culture, new media and technology studies, archive and information studies and cognitive science.

Dr Tara ThomsonDr Tara Thomson is a Research Fellow in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Her research is primarily in modernist literature, women’s writing, and critical theory, although she has also worked on a wide range of Digital Humanities projects. On the Palimpsest project, her main focus was on text selection and data curation.

VA-thumb2Dr Victoria Anker completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2015. She is a Cultural Engagement Research Fellow on the LitLong project, developing and delivering workshops for external audiences – from schools to creative writers. Victoria is primary an early modern cultural historian, but has also worked on several knowledge exchange and impact projects for the University’s History Department and School of Education.

Dr Vasilis Karaiskos is a Research Associate in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, with research interests in the computational study of language and the Digital Humanities.

Project Advisory Board

The Palimpsest project and team have also benefitted from the expertise and experience of the Palimpsest Project Advisory Board:
Dr David Cooper, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor Ewan Klein, Professor of Language Technology, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
David Heyman, Managing Director, Axis Maps
Professor Jason Dykes, Professor of Visualization, giCentre, Computer Science, City University London
Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh.
Dr Miguel Nacenta, Lecturer, SACHI, St Andrews University
Professor Jonathan Hope, Professor of Literary Linguistics, University of Strathclyde
Dr Stephen Ramsay, Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor of English, University of Nebraska and Fellow at the Centre for Digital Research in the Humanities