Talks and Publications

Here you will find the presentations and publications associated with ‘Lit Long: Edinburgh’ and the Palimpsest project.


Alex, B. Edinburgh’s Literary Past revealed via Text Mining: Palimpsest, a Digital Humanities collaboration, Invited talk at “Text and Data Mining: an alternative view” session at ALPSP [link], 10th September 2015.


Anderson, M., and Osborne, N. Late Lab: Pecha Kucha, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 9th April 2015.

Alex, B. LitLong: Mining and visualising literary Edinburgh. Demo at the Informatics Jamboree, Edinburgh, 27th March 2015.

Grover, C. Geoparsing Historical Documents. Conference of the ISCH COST Action IS1310 Reassembling the Republic of Letters, Oxford, 22nd March 2015.

Loxley, J. Palimpsest: Literary Edinburgh. DHNetS Project Showcase and Unconference, Scottish Universities Insight Institute, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, 10th December 2014.

Alex, B. Text mining big data: potential and challenges. Big Data Approaches to Intellectual, Cultural and Linguistic History, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies Symposium, Helsinki, Finland, 1st December 2014. [slides]

Grover, C. Edinburgh Text Mining and Geoparsing in Digital Humanities. British Library Labs Text Mining forum, London, 27th November 2014.

Quigley, A. Information Visualisation in History. Tokyo Institute of Technology, 10th November 2014.

Harris-Birtill, D. Reading Thousands of Books at the Same Time. Dundee Science Festival, 5th November 2014.

Alex, B. Palimpsest: an Edinburgh Literary Cityscape. Invited talk to the British Library Labs Symposium 2014, London, UK, 3rd November 2014. [slides]

Loxley, J., Otty, L., and Thomson, T. Mapping the Canongate in History and Literature: A Virtual Tour. Canongate: The Glorious Half Mile to Holyrood, Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, 2nd November 2014.

Alex, B., and Grover, C. Palimpsest and the LTG. Invited talk at the Edinburgh City Museums, 26th September 2014.

Alex, B. The Potential and Challenges of (Text) Data Mining. Invited talk at the Producing Data Symposium, Edinburgh, 4th September 2014.

Harris-Birtill, D., and Hinrichs, U. Palimpsest: Exploring the Literary Layers of a City. Mapping Flows & Visualising Data in the Era of Digital Humanities, University of St Andrews, 29th August 2014.

Alex, B. Geolocating literary Edinburgh. Invited talk to the Digital Humanities 3 group at the Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, 28th August 2014.

Alex, B., Anderson, M., Grover, C., and Loxley, J. Geolocating the Literary. GeoHumanities SIG, Lausanne, 8th July 2014.

Anderson, M., Loxley, J. and Hinrichs, U. Mapping the Factual and the Counterfactual. Telling Stories with Maps: The Geoweb, Qualitative GIS and Narrative Mapping, Hestia 2 Symposium, Digital Humanities Hub, University of Birmingham, 30th April 2014.

Quigley, A. Public-displays to the left of me, / head-mounted displays to the right, / here I am, stuck with the mobile phone that is you! Distinguished Lecture, HCI Helsinki, 22nd March 2014.


Alex B., Grover, C., Oberlander, J. Zhou, K. and Hinrichs, U., Palimpsest: Improving Assisted Curation of Loco-specific Literature, Digital Humanities 2015 (DH 2015), Sydney, Australia, June 2015. [paper]

Alex, B., Byrne, K., Grover, C. and Tobin, R., A Web-based Geo-resolution Annotation and Evaluation Tool. In Proceedings of the 8th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW VIII), COLING 2014, Dublin, Ireland, August 2014. [paper]

Otty, L., and Thomson, T., ‘Data Visualisation and the Humanities.’ Research Methods for Digitising and Curating Data in the Digital Humanities. Eds. Matthew Hayler and Gabriele Griffin (Edinburgh: EUP, forthcoming in 2016).

Guest blog posts:

Anderson, M. 2014. Palimpsest: Literary Edinburgh @Telling Stories with Maps. Hestia project blog, 9th May 2014. Available from: